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what are some facts about the saguaro desert?
Why are blonde people considered "pure white"?
Why are humans so weak?
WHAT does a WOMAN'S "self-esteem" have to do with her ability to be a good partner?
How come so called straight girls dont admit they're bi?
what is the thing about women?
I want to be an archaeologist?
How did the first humans discover reproduction?
What the hell is a "race"?
question about classifiying people?
Are stone tools considered artifacts?
Why are many Southern and Eastern Europeans dark?
Are all races scientifically equal in intelligence?
How did humans reproduce faster than other animals?
Does anyone know anything about white irish slavery?
What are the contrasting factors between the two concepts: Acculturation and Diaspora?
If a SAHM were paid a salary ,should she not then pay 1/2 the household expenses?
one group of amphibians, the have no legs?
Make a List of 5 animals and the human traits we assign them. Can You Please Make A List?
How can I laugh off sexism?
Do you think the "Empty Nest Syndrome" is as severe in women who worked ... ?
How come in S&M-black women are continuously portrayed..?
Raven haired with pale skin. Where am I from?
I just found a Simpson mustache projectile point. What is its monetary value?
Did Cro-Magnons mate with Neanderthals?
Why is my voice so high?
What can animals do that humans *cannot* do?
please give me a map about the migration of the human but the prehistoric man?
men , what makes you feel emotional?
Will our species, homo sapiens evolve into other type of species? Why did the other species gone extinct?
I'm not sure what this Anthropology question is asking?
is it possible for unknown animals to exist?
The grassland of Africa is very similar to the grassland of Brazil. The animals of these ecosystems are also s?
Meno by Plato arguments?
Fieldwork strategies and methods?
Men: what are some body language cues when a man is jealous?
Do women need chilvary to feel respected? Why not just common courtesy ?
What is your "true" definition of being White?
Was Herodotus Xenophobic?
why is incompetence found only in humans not in animals ?
The study of observing people?
Are men or women more fragile/weaker?
Why do people find the idea of islam growing stronger in Europe starting with england and sweden?
what were the first Homo Sapiens like?
Why is it mainly women neighbors that are rude when out walking in the neighborhood?
Is it wrong of me to see people as monkeys?
How to belong to peta ?!?!?!?!?
In dating. Which do you feel poses more of a barrier? Race or culture/nationality? What's your preference?
Which diet seems better and more like the original diet?
urgent help needed, please?
information on marcel mauss?
Why are there Anglo-Saxon names in the bible whose setting is in the Middle East?
is it just me , or do you feel as united states media is too artificial and unreal?
In what ways does Hesiod's Theogony seem to support Johann Bachofen's theory of prehistoric cultural...?
Is it proof that women just used men for money now that society no longer expects them to be married?
What is participant observation in terms of cultural anthropology?
What are "Lumpers" and "Splitters" in Paleoanthroplolgy?
I say chilvary and common courtesy for women and MEN. Some say just for women why is that ?
Why do Humans always make such weird distorted faces and deranged Hyena noises every time they kill something?