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Is sheep milk commonly found, if not why?

My bro wants to know where he can get sheep milk and he wants to know if its easy to get milk from the sheep.

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In many European countries sheep milk is used to make cheese. My experience is sheep milk cheese in Spain, Portugal and Italy. In southern Spain the supermarkets sell a lot more sheep cheese than cows' milk cheese. The taste is different from cows' cheese but very pleasant and creamy. In the Canary Islands almost all the cheese is made from goat's milk and very nice it is too.

Have a look at this link for a list of sheep milk cheeses.


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Most sheep's milk is used for it's original purpose in lamb raising. What little surplus there is goes into cheese production.

The other thing is most sheep are not kept near the farm as they are best suited for the more harsh hillside farming.

They don't lactate as much as cows, so it's farming is very expensive.