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what are your views on this word?

i'm talking about the N-word. i'm just wondering because i think this is more a young feud going on and wanna know what people think. my view is the golden rule because if you don't wanna be called it then don't say it but i wanna hear some other valid points from any race.

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I HATE that word! You will NEVER hear i come from my mouth nor will I ever type it, I wont even sing it if its in a song I like.

I feel a little differently when I hear it in rap songs, and in a conversation between 2 african american people, but really I would be happy if it wasnt even used then..... it is weird to me that its okay for them to say it to each other, but when used by a person of another color then its such an aweful thing, I would feel the same if their was a word that 2 caucassion people called each other..... like its not as big of a deal for someone to say "cracker" or "whitey".