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what is dark matter in the universe?

how would its existence explain the accelerating expansion of the universe? is there really dark matter out there, or do we just not yet fully understand the physics of space and time? the apparent existence of dark matter could just be an error in einstein's equations right? thank you for your answers ahead of time and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dark Matter is mass that is predicted to exist by the equations that describe the early universe (i.e. the big bang) Since it is matter, it has gravitational effects on the other matter surrounding it. Observations of the effects of this gravity confirm that there is more matter than we can see (hence the dark in dark matter.) Because clumps of typical matter would form stars, and therefore be visible, it is thought that the dark matter is not composed of the same building blocks as the atoms we are familiar with are. Another confirmation of dark matter's existence is the existence of galaxies; the gravity of the "normal" matter within many galaxies is not enough to hold the spinning mass together, so it is thought that the dark matter provides the needed attractive force. Go look at the work done by NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe for more information on Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the early universe.

Reference: WMAP

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The Dark Side Of The Universe Carries Dark Matter (The Other Side Of Infinity).

Black Hole Is A Dark Monster Which Sucks In Light, And Leave's Behind The Dark Matter, Dark Matter Is A Black Hole. Or Dark Matter Is Just, Darkness.