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What is Cuban Embargo and why was it in place?

What is Cuban Embargo and why is it in place.

Also, can you list any pros and cons of it?


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Go and study what President Kennedy did in the 1960's and the cold war that the two superpowers

were involved in at that time.

The communist Russia sent missile's to Cuba also a communist country.The missile's had the range to hit the USA. Because of this a trade embargo was placed on the country.

That has now been in force since the early 60's.

Cuba grows tobacco and sell cigars to the world, which are reputed to be the best.

THere is certainly a trade barrier with the USA, but it is not fully effective.

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Cuban trade embargo policy was effected because of its strained relationship with the US during the Cold War. Cuba and then USSR (Russia) were in talks to develop offensive military positions, much to the US's chagrin.

Pros - there are no pro's in a trade embargo

Cons - well, look where they are economically...