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when watching foreign films...?

when watching foreign films such as french, Spanish, Italian, German, etc., should you pay more attention to the subtitles or the movie? or both? I am trying to learn French and when I watch foreign films like the ones I mention I read the subtitles but sometimes I miss what is happening in the movie. I was wondering what you suggest? I also found out that if you were to learn japanese some of their movies don't match the subtitles. my brother told me this because if you were to translate what they are saying their language doesn't exactly match the subtitles so you should ignore. but for the other language films like the ones I mentioned above how should I watch those kinds of films?

please let me know thank you. Your advice will be much appreciated.

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If trying to learn the language you should listen to the original language - and possibly put the subtitles in that language, too. (Though they don't always match.)

A lot depends on the film. Art-house types of movies are more likely to be translated faithfully. Action movies, they mat decide to make changes - perhaps to remove things unfamiliar to a foreign audience.