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Could you die if you get plastic surgery?

Okay so I was thinking of getting plastic surgery at 15 or 16, just to lift it up a little bit because my nose kind of hangs! You have no idea how insecure I am, I always feel insecure ALWAYS. I'm just tired of feeling this way all the time, I'm not gonna do anything CRAZY with my nose just lift it. My friends told me that her aunt died because she was getting a face lift. Could I die if I get plastic surgery on my nose? My mom has gotten it and it went well.. I really want to have a nice nose but I don't wanna die :-(

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No reputable cosmetic surgeon would touch someone so young, your nose will continue to change for another decade or so. And yes, people do die after plastic surgery, a small minority, but huge for the families left behind.

What you DO need, is some reassurance, if you are not getting it at home, or from your peers, perhaps your parents will invest in therapy?

Reference: Self. Have "substantial" proboscis, and learned to love it.

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Yes, but it's very rare to die.

Take precautions, make sure you're not allergic to the material.

Make sure you go to a qualified doctor, not one of those shady ones a friend told you about.

Reference: usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/healt... has some nice statistics.

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There are rare cases of people dying from plastic surgery, but as long as you're dealing with a reputable doctor the risk is minimal. You can also discuss your concerns ahead of time with whatever doctor you're thinking of using during your initial consultation, and they should be able to satisfactorily answer all your questions. If they don't, then find a different doctor. You can also have someone go with you, if that makes you feel more secure.