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Work and energy??? HELP ME?

A 500-kg elevator is pulled upward with a constant force of 5500 N for a distance of 50.0 m. What is the work done by the 5500 N force?

A) 2.75 × 10^5 J

B) -2.45 × 10^5 J

C) 3.00 × 10^4 J

D) -5.20 × 10^5 J

I'm split between A and B...

A) because w=Fd, 5500Nx50.0m= 2.75x10^5 J

B) because w=Fd, where F=ma, m=500kg, a=-9.8m/s^2, then that F multiplied by 50m, to give me -2.45x10^5J

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