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Is it okay for celebrates to get hated on, by mass amounts of people, and not okay for the common man?

So in class today two of my friends were arguing/debating weather it is okay for society to play this game where they spend all their time getting on celebrities, the arguement started with friends number 1 checking the trending topics on twitter and seeing that it was "stop hating on selena" and another one was "we will never stop hating" soon, half of the clas was involved with the argument, the two sides were basically, "celebrities are people too why should they have to accept the fact that they get hate mail, theres neurone opinions about them, its not humane, its hypocritical of society to act this way, bullying is such A big deal, but for celebrities its okay, but why is that so?" And the second arguement was "theyre celebrates they stand fit something greater than themselves, they put their self out in the public eye, hate is invisible, its not reasonable to ridicule each and every hater, society makes it okay for tweenagers to get on twitter and start hating, yes morally its currupt, but its part if this generation and it has been for years, if a person is going to be famous, and extremely famous, enough to make an extra ordinary impact on society the price they have to pay is everyones opinion, and real with it, in the end the common man is jealous, regaurdless of how much they deny it, and it continues on, you cant bring a halt to fandom wars".which nite that I think about it could be an analogy for foreign policy and actual wars that the united states is involved in. Well anyways, I would like to know YOUR opinion on the matter?

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