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Feminist, why do you say that gender does not matter or that what's...?

Between one's thighs is irrelevant to the work they do, however in the very next breath, Feminist express great disappointment when there is not an equal number of penises and vaginas in publicly elected positions?

Feminist, why should it matter so long as the most suitable candidate is chosen, irrespective of gender? Why doesn't the rule about one's genitalia not mattering play a role here?

What's up with this doublespeak?

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I think feminists are more about female superiority than female equality, and whenever a female loses a competition, (whether it be in sports or when looking for a job or whatever), feminists are so quick to jump down someone's throat calling them misogynists.

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I think the most suitable candidate should be chosen, whether male/female/black or white. The reason there are more men in those positions now is because more men have the education and the experience to get there! Now that women outnumber men in the majority of colleges nationwide, I think we will see an evening out of "penises and vaginas in publicly elected positions" within the next 20 years.

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Great question!

I am pretty sure it will go over their vagi..err..head!

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Why aren't feminist complaining about that there are more men in dangerous jobs such as working in the mines or sewers?

Selective equality?