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Why is there a hawk on my roof?

Earlier today, around 6:00pm, I saw a big bird fly by my window. Later, I went outside and realized the bird actually landed on the roof of my house. It's a hawk--looks like a red-winged variety. Anyhow, that was 7 hours ago and the hawk is still on my roof. Is this normal? If not, what should I do? Thanks.

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If you say it's a 'big' bird then i would think it's a red tail not a red shoulder (the red shoulder is much smaller than the red tail). Keep watching the bird. If it does not leave after a day or so, call fish and wildlife and they'll find someone to come out and take a look. It would be dangerous (for you and the bird) for an inexperienced person to attempt to grab it - and it's also illegal.

Reference: have done raptor rehab