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why americans came to the philippines,what are their reasons?

american intention on the philippines

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basically, those times had simple intentions of power, conquer, expand, the large countries are getting as much resources and natural wealth from their colonies

just as the philippines is on the verge of declaring independence, slowly spain is losing its power on its other colonies also;

mexico is being influenced by US democracy which is somehow creating a conflict between these two nations (US & spain).

soon after the philippine declaration of independence, the americans came as friendlies since they cannot conquer or colonize a country with a newly declared sovereignty.

and since the earliest government of the philippines is structured similar to US democracy, you can fairly say that US influence is reaching asia then

when world war II broke out, americans lost control of the islands when japan took over but reclaimed by general douglas mcarthur

since then the purpose of US occupation became pure militaristic and so they built these military bases with the intention of securing their strong hold after the war

back then, US and russia were allies and so china became communist similar to the structure of russia, and france or great britain whom had its share of colonies in other parts of asia like hongkong; expressed no interest in sharing space with US inside the archipelago of the philippines

its simple war rules actually, going back to the days of the roman empire; you win the battle, you take the spoils