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Can you serious do time in jail for verbal abuse ? Really ?

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Only if you're a man. Women aren't held to these same standards.

Sam- They may not be written in a gender-specific way, but they sure as hell are enforced that way.

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I've seen both men and women spend a night in jail for verbal altercations involving their spouses. Or for verbal altercation in public(disturbing the peace) especially if the woman or man is intoxicated. But it's a really petty charge here in the US.

Now, from what I heard, Christan Bail ended up spending a few days in jail over in London after having a verbal altercation with his mother and sister prior to the opening of "Dark Knight". So I don't know what the parallels are between the two countries, but there are a number of charges here in the US that can be tied into verbal assault and altercations. And don't be the fool who verbally assaulted an Officer of the Law, because you surely will land yourself in jail.

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In some countries, indeed such laws have been invoked.

EDIT: Only men can be put in jail on account of this; so yes, half is about correct.

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