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In what ways are less attractive people disadvantaged?

Can you please give some examples or even stories would be great.

Bonus Question: How does attractiveness relate to social networking ?

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People that are considered "socially beautiful" are generally speaking - more likely to have more people WANT to relate to the beautiful person - even if they themselves are ugly.

They are also disadvantaged with prejudices such as job applications, friendship, relationships (including dating), school prejudices, stereotypes, online bullying, bullying in school, and just being targeted in general when they do something that the "beautful" people of the world find amusing. They become the target of cruel, inhumane jokes (depending on how "ugly" society considers them to be). Mental illnusses, physical abuse, mental abuse, social abuse, etc., are also disadvantages. People think they can take advantage of someone that is considered to be "ugly."

Have you noticed all of the "bots" on facebook that have MORE friends than you and I, whom are real individuals, even though our pictures are real, they would rather look at a fake person and have other people think they are FRIENDS with prettier/cuter people than just medeocre/middle-class rated people.

Reference: My Brain. I was the ugly duckling in school.