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Ln(square root over) x+3=3 and also 9ln3x=72?
how did agriculture/food production began in early times?
hey i effing hate math im at a 3rd or 4th grade level and i got like 2 or 3 hours of math?
Brain power.....? Does anyone really know why we can not use more of our brains then we currently do?
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Why is Lake Chad getting Smaller?
where can i get a........?
Can someone help me make a topic sentence?
Which of the following is NOT a type of pseudoscience?
What thoughts/ideas/pictures come to your mind when?
Grand-scale leadership a masculine trait?
calculus problem (finding a formula)?
Help with essay on same-sex marriage?
What is the point of anthropology?
Im a freshman in highschool and i just bought the ti-89 calculator for school, so is that okay to use?
A truck passes a point A on a straight level road with a constant velocity of 10 m s-1. At the same instant, a?
Help: Energy Of an Atom?
what does this mean??????
Which of the following compounds is not a strong acid?
What happens to astranauts in space? Homework help!?
How do I get a species of plant, insect or animal named after my family?
What is the efficiency of this heat engine?
Somebody finish this peom?
hi who woz the 1st priminister of england?
Chemistry question, please help. Please give explanation?
Why do rollie pollies have armor?
How can you find concentration of caffeine..?
What do you think explains the huge property boom that the whole of the western world is undergoing?
multiplying fractions?
Does chemical equilibrium occur instantly or over time?
where can i find pharmaceutical dosage forms presentation?
Geometry question please help?
What does "uber" mean?
Graph each inequality Q) The intersection of - 11x + 6y>/ -5 and y < 4?
when the image of a distant object is bought into focus in front of a persons retina the defect is called?
Pls review and REFINE my essay for me. it sucks. i know. but i'm outta ideas. ?
Hiding THC on day of test?
Tell me a good topic for a project ?
If 3x/4 = 5 then 3x/5 = ?
Can anyone plz plz plz plz help me rearrage all these letters : PIECNTS, ITFCRNA, OKNTRPY?
the practice of farming fish in controlled pens is called what?
What is the capital of the country that is located on a long bootshaped peninsula that juts intotheMediteranea
Does homosexuality exist because of intolerence?
How do you put "y-5=-2(x+1)^2" into intercept form? and "y=(x+2)(x-3)" into vertex form?
Does being sick (like having a cold) affect your hormone levels in a wierd way?
What does this quote by George Santayana mean?
How else do you say "old clothes give-away"?
How many forms does the average American fill out in a lifetime?
Dave prefers the Paul Simon Anthology. If it is marked down from $60 the $45, what is the percent of discount?
if a fly did not have wings would it be called a walk? or crawl?
please solve this problem?