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Is society progressive, retrogressive, or stagnant at the moment?

Do you think our society (modern society) is a progressive, retrogressive, or stagnant society? Take into account civil rights, knowledge of the world and science, religion, warfare, and economic issues. I would say it's retrogressive since it can barely address civil rights. Our society is more violent now more than ever. The separation between church and state is dissipating, and certain fields of science are being abandoned or ill funded. What do you think?

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Civil rights is not the main determinant of a society being progressive. Evaluate the progress of medical science. The number of home owners in the United States has increased. The number of people getting college degrees has increased..

Civil Rights is certainly better off today than it was 40 years ago. Our society is more violent than ever but it is isolated to certain groups. In general the murder rate is down.

Reference: Reading the Newspaper, listening to the news, reading the Wall Street Journal..