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Is learning to speak Latin a waste of time?

i'm going onto my 2nd year as a college student and i'm interested in learning a new language. i currently speak English and Spanish. But I am not fluent in Spanish. I am Hispanic so i understand the basics but i still would like to improve.

I want to take a foreign language but im not sure what to take.

I am a International Relations major, so learning as many foreign languages will benefit me.

My options are: Continue on improving my Spanish or learn Latin first and then go back to Spanish.

Is Latin even a demanding language to learn, for me to obtain a job in my field easily?

oh where do they speak Latin nowadays? and well learning Latin help me in learning other languages?

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Latin is much tougher than Spanish as far as grammar and syntax goes. The big difference is that Latin is a heavily inflected langusge meaning that it has noun declension that take a lot of work, practice and study to memorize. Spanish dropped these about 500 years ago.

That said, Latin is a good dry run for other non Latin languages. German, Russian, all the Eastern European languages as well as Arabic have noun declensions making these harder to learn and master. You'd be a lot more familiar and less surprised with a background in Latin however.

Example of noun declension:



Michael Kelly

Reference: Studied Spanish, French, Latin

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Latin uses lots of noun forms, lots of verb forms. Hence, much more to learn by rote than in Spanish.It also has many irregular verbs, compared to French.

The very best reason to take Latin is that it will increase your vocabulary, hence your score, on college entrance exams (SAT, ACT)

I would say that Latin is somewhat demanding, not as hard as German or Chinese.

Where do they speak Latin - in Vatican City, the home of the Roman Catholic Church. and in Latin classes, and Latin clubs. that is pretty much it.

Personally, i would say - either take Spanish and become very proficient, or take a year of French or Italian.

If we were talking about choosing a first language in high school, i would recommended Latin.

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I studied two years of latin, and although I don't speak it and doubt I could still read it, I know I learned a good deal about words. Many Spanish (most) words are derived from latin, and as I live in Spain it's useful for me to know some basics in order to understand languages such as Catalan, Italian or Portuguese.

Well, studying latin might not prove to be TOO useful in a day to day basis, but it would help you if you want to study linguistics or want to be a classics translator.

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I think latin is the basis for many european languages. I don't think any country speaks it, it's pretty much dead.

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Latin is a dead language, so basically nowhere outside of the Catholic Church.

Stick with Spanish. Some people will tell you that knowing Latin will help learn the Romance languages, but then, so will actually studying the romance languages.