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Is it realistically possible for someone to get super-powers?

Contrary to what is read in the comic books being struck by lightning, falling into a vat of radioactive waste or being bitten by a radioactive spider is not the best thing in the world which can happen to you.

Having said this, is it plausible in our real non-fictional word to suggest or even prove that we human beings can possess powers comparable to that of fictional super heroes?

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Using our brains to do more than nature would have expected from our puny bodies, we have performed most of the super feats that were impossible when my grandfather was born in 1909. You can use x-rays to see through objects and people, use lazzer beams as heat vission. Fly faster than Aladin and his carpet. Go to the store and get foods from every corner of the earth. climb into any piece of modern construction equipment and you have the strength of most super heros. Here you are reading the thoughts of someone lying in bed in Tokyo Japan. If we turned on yahoo voice we could even talk for free.

You got it good baby. You are living at one of the high points of life on earth. Be good to each other and enjoy all your super power those before you have made for you. Before you die, make earth even better and give your kids even more super powers.

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I'm no scientist or anything, but would it not be possible through some freak of nature or accident to affect the adrenal gland in the body. Now say that it went into hyperdrive and it consistantly produced exsessively high amounts of adrenilene. It wouldn't exactly be like superhero powers, but there have been cases where 115 pound woman has picked up a car that fell on her husband while he was working on it. etc etc.

I wonder what type of long lasting affects that would have on a person. Apparently you expell most of the energey the body has all at one moment. Some have been known to pass out or fall alseep immediately afterwards.

Sounds cool to me.

Reference: Just a guess....

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There are physical and mental limitations to what a human can achieve and possess!

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It's for me to know and for you to find out.