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"why you are created" grammatically right?

is this sentence grammitically right?

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No, it's not a sentence, but it could be part of a sentence. As it is, it's a clause. Here it is as part of a sentence: I wonder why you are created. OR Do you know why you are created.

If you're asking a question, the word order is: Why are you created? And the verb tense should be the past--Why were you created?--because you were created one time, not on a regular basis, as "Why are you created?" suggests.

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That's not a grammatical sentence. If you mean for it to be a question, it's "Why are you created?"

It's almost a grammatically correct phrase, though. For example, "You don't know why you were created." Because the act of creation has already taken place, you have to say "were created," not "are created."

For "why you are created" to make sense, I can only picture God talking with a person about the meaning of life. God says, "You don't know why you are created," but it's not referring to the individual -- the human race does not understand the reasons behind its creation. And it still sounds a little bit strange, as if the creation was still taking place... I think you've got to stick with "why you were created."

Reference: English teacher

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Sorry, "why you are created" is not a sentence. Do you mean "Why are you created?" ? Or "The reason you are created is ... "sentence needs finishing.