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If there is no evolution and today's life survived the flood, how did they get the ants, flies, snakes,roaches

and millions of other life form in pairs on Noah's boat which was not overly large by today's standards?

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Actually, it was very large. Equivalent to about 569 modern railroad stock cars. The ants, flies, roaches...? Especially thinking of how easily they get into ones house, why would there be any question to this? God had two of each kind of animal get on the ark. If you are thinking that means each kind, as in every breed of dog and such, well, there were much fewer breeds of animals than there are today. Just look at the number of breeds of dogs we have now compared to 50 or 100 years ago. Of course our earth is mostly made up of water as well, and of course the creatures that lived in the water were able to stay in the water. Which is why we find the fossils of fish on the tops of mountains.

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How much space could two ants and two roaches take?

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There were two of each on the arc.