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does it seem that mainstream black women in america continue to conform to the biggest symbol of beauty?

Is it a problem for black woman to have their hair natural? Why is it that so many black women conform to "relaxed" hair. That is not natural. Are we self hating of our natural hair and why if so?

Im a black woman and this is my hair! I have no other..this is what i was born with!

Why does it seem like more and more these days black women and hair is equaling to it having to have to be relaxed? or weaves? and tracks?

I am not saying you MUST have your natural hair. but i think sometimes, WTF? Are people are scared of men seeing them with their natural hair? why? it doesn't look right? why? because it isn't the biggest symbol of beauty? why?

to each her own..but that is not what im asking or stating.

Do your hair however you want whatever. I understand people want to do their hair in many different styles. I am not against that. i am saying it seems as though black women are kinda prejudiced against their own natural hair! but why? Why is it that so many are putting in a long straight weave as if this is their hair? and for a certain pushed look? Naturally your look is not long straight hair. It can be long but for most it is not straight. It is not "relaxed".

We do not have (the majority) of a white (Caucasian or however you want it to be politically correct)persons hair.

again, i am not talking about people who just want to change their hair style etc..

I am talking about the deeper issues beyond that. That i feel there is almost a taboo to have your natural hair.

Yes, plenty of black women have natural hair. But i kinda feel so many in the mainstream can only have their hair relaxed or straight wigs, and straight weaves. What beauty symbol are people going after? Obviously..having long flowing straight hair..is not of the african or black natural hair. Especially in the media. Music artists..so many of them look as if they have to also conform to the biggest symbol of beauty and they do. Yes..the symbol of beauty has added other ethnic groups etc...But none is bigger than the one that has been pushed and emphasized across the world from way back when europe was the boss- that a white womans natural look is what is beautiful, or what people should strive to look like. and not even from a white person specifically, just straight long hair from any race (indian/hispanic/latino/middle eastern). Where has acceptance of you complete natural self in mainstream black america gone to?

and pls, i am not racist or prejudiced by asking this or stating what it seems to be to me.

I am only talking about the way it is i feel that so many black women are afraid of their own hair and go to so many crazy means to just have a look that is no where of their own.

I just feel it is of great importance that black women take notice of this. I have seen so many women talk about nappy hair as if it was a curse to them. This is your hair. wtf? why is your hair a problem?

and the BS reasons like "i can't comb it, it's too this and that. no styles". That is a BS reason.

Like i said..i have had relaxers..I may or may not get another one (i will not). But if i would ever get a relaxer..it would not be an actual relaxer..it would be a flat iron and other organic healthy products and only to have a new style, to change it up. But that is not the reason why most black women get their hair relaxed and have weaves, and etc... At least that is what i believe. And pls..im not hating on anyone if they do or dont. Only talking that i think so many blacks in america in the mainstream..have such deep underlining issues with having natural hair.

and it aint even just that..women in general..get weaves, and wigs and etc..because of what? I feel if it is all for you, and to pump up your esteem or to feel as if you are beautiful (that is actually still trying to look like a made up look that is on t.v and magazines and thought up from way back when and by advertisers and marketers and people who sit and think of ways to get people conditioned)..so be it. but why?

chris rocks docu- i want to this as soon as possible.

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