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is the term "yours truly" used to the person speaking or the person you're speaking to?

for example if the heading is confusing ha

Bob: Is this mine or yours?

Mary: Yours truly.

If Mary said yours truly does it mean that it's hers or bob's?

if this is a stupid question sorry and no answers like "youre dumb" or "google it"

just answer it if you know.

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The words 'yours truly' are not usually spoken. When they are used at all, they are written at the end of a business letter, such as:

Yours truly,

John J. Smith


But I suppose one can say "yours, truly" meaning yes, that is truly yours. In this meaning, note the comma between yours and truly. Of course in speech, one doesn't say 'comma,' but there would be a slight pause after 'yours' as if to say "This is yours, truly it is."

In the example given above, yours truly is slang or colloquial and it means 'me'. So you have to recognize in what context it's being used before you can decide what it means.