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Can you have kids before thirty and still be a surgeon (anesthesiologist)?

I know this may seem like a ridiculously stupid question but please no mean comments. I am a high school students who is interested in being a surgeon. I will be graduating high school at sixteen (turning 17 in the November of that year), and would like to be a surgeon more specifically anesthesiologist. I get good grades and I really love biology and chemistry and I work really hard so I believe that I can do it but I have a question. Whenever I tell people about my career choice they say "oh if you dad you won't be able to have kids until your like in your late 30's" I know this may seem shallow, but I would like to be married and at least have on kid before I am thirty but with the pressure of the medical career and maternity leaves and all that stuff I kind of realize that will e impossible (especially because I won't be done residency until I am around 28) Do any other doctors want to shed some light on this? THe only surgeon I know who had kids before she was a thirty didn't become a full surgeon until she was 36. (She is also and anesthesiologist) She also has to work part time to have time for her kids.

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If you have parents that will help or a husband that won't be working the hours you will be (like a teacher). and if don't mind being away from them when they are little.