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Do men experience discrimination?
How are native americans discriminated against in today's society?
How does the Code of Hammurabi compare to modern day societies and their laws?
Was she right to punish me?
does any one else.........?
what enviroment does an archaeologist usually work in?
"Female sexuality is threatening." Please explain!!?
Mesopotamia did not have many natural resources, so it imported them from other places. What types of natural?
You ever notice how feminists tend not to believe in God?...Why is that?
If you love someone in a way that you feel that that person is the only one - really the only one - do you ...
What discovery did Charles Darwin make that shifted his view of the origin of ethics?
do think it was right for germaine greer to tell emma booth to gt an honest job?
Why is it that when it comes to philosophical and political thought women are obsessed with...?
what are some cultural activies of ancient athens?
The Alhambra is to be found in what modern European state or region?
Are these guys superheroes?
Would you be offended if someone called you "The Gimp"?
3 most important elements that make the ideal GF or wife ?
what is your take on racial differences and culture?
need help with anthropology quiz?
Have you ever been stalked?
Which of the following was NOT an achievement of Olmec civilization?
what is the age diffrence?
How come the media always portrays images of superficial-looking women but not real women?
girls only. do girls get wedgies?
If women complain so much about sexism against women , so why are many of them sexist against men too?
Does the women need to be protected? and by who?
What are the two classes of natural resources?
Weird non-profit organizations?
I'm afraid of Amish people?
What evidence do we have that the Indus Valley people were an advanced civilization?
Examples of mutalistic relationships in animals?
If humans could use 100% of out brain what could we do?
Which races are aggresive more than others?
what is the definition of genes?
Where can I find Ancient Egypt artifact info?
how did the egyptians divide the year?
Any sites with in-depth information on the ancient Mayans?
According to the theory of evolution, where did all animals alive today come from?
Question about evolution and anscestry?
Feminists, Are you still hoping that one day little boys will play with baby dolls?
What trait insures that Buck will survive in the north?
How can women let themselves get fat in today's society?
Is it sexist to name sons after their father?
Feminists, are you still obsessed with gender-neutral pronouns?
I need help finding 4 articles on different native american tribes?
Is it unnatural to be totally attracted to ...?
In Darwin's Theory of Evolution, variation means all organisms are non-variable in their traits?
should I go for a phd or an mba?
Why are white men more openmided about dating Asian Americans than white women are?
If gender is socially constructed then why are the old gender stereotypes still incredibly popular...?
difference between 1980s Tomboy and todays Tomboys?
is it all that uncommon to pee while taking a bath?
to the Iranians all over the world.......?
Teenagers, sex, abortion, and education...?
Can women be leaders if they've never created anything?
Is it true that in the USA young women are already so poor that they are forced to turn to prostitution ?
Ethnoarchaeological Question? HELP!?
Connecting to Invisible Man by H.G wells (: +10 points?
are russians mixed with mongols?