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Simple math question check?

So I'm stuck on a problem, and my teacher marked it wrong for not doing in an algebraic form. I suppose that would be a "rate time distance" thing without the distance, but nevertheless, I got 14 and 3 months. However, he did not say if it was right or wrong. Here is the problem:

On my 11th birthday, I planted a tree that was 3 ft tall and was estimated to grow steadily to 9 ft tall in 4 years. If I was 4.5 ft tall when I planted the tree and grew steadily to be 5.5 ft tall by my 15h birthday, how old was I, approximately, when I and my tree were the same height?

So I need work, because I'm one of those losers who depend on instructions manuals. And in algebraic form. I'll accept all answers. Thanks for your help!

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Um i stink at word problems so I'm sorry if i get the answer wrong. I'm doing my work on here too just so you know what im doing and then i'll put the algebraic form answer.

ok so 3*4 would equal 12, but it says 9 so im just gonna go with it stays 3 ft for a year, and then grows: 3 ft, 5ft, 7ft, 9 ft.

On your 15th birthday, your now a foot taller than you were when you planted the tree, so you grew 3.5 inches a year I think.

Crap i gotta go but basically it's...

A(which is 3.5 maybe) *4.5=15???