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How to give a intradermal injection correctly?

I have been practicing but for some reason I always get blood. Everything is fine weld is formed, pull needle out smoothly and straight out no up or down. Yet after a minute or so the patient akways bleeds not a drop of blood just a little less and its really irrating because my instructer keeps telling me there must be no blood at all. What could I be doing wrong?

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I don't have experience with this, nor am I a nurse, just am gleening from what i have read or seen.

Make certain of the following:

1) choose injection site without visible blood vessels, like the non-hairy fore arm.

2) strech the skin, that way when you let go after injection the skin will contract over the injection site, which will minimize the leakage of what you just injected.,

3) Use correct size needle, the example I read suggested 25 gage.

4) Bevel side up, at an angle of about 10 degrees to the skin. This almost parallel to the skin angle, using a short needle makes the depth of the wound very shallow.

5) Not all patients are alike, you might have one with a thin skin making for less avoidable puncuture into a more vascular area.

There are many you-tube videos, some look like they are from good nursing schools or by experienced nurses, others appear less than academic in their descriptions.