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How long is a can of Ravioli good for? How many years?

Am getting togather food stash and wondered how long canned items are good for. I once had a can of Pork n beans and I swear they were good after 5 years at least...what about other stuff? Anyone know this stuff. Wanna make sure we don't poison ourselves in our darkest hour!

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depends on the ingredients. Probably find some that wont kill you after a few years lol

wouldnt recomend the experiment though

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ehm ehm....my heart is collapsing because I only know fresh home-made ravioli..it's a shock for me to imagine them in a can.


food, especially ravioli, is not made to end stuck in cans for years....

throw cans away and buy (or better, cook) real food.

Its taste it's completely different and you surely don't get poisoned =)

please change your habits

Reference: I' m chef tony