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Are my standards too high...?

Am I jumping the gun when I reject men for having characteristics I don't like, or aren't what I find physically attractive even though I haven't spent five minutes in their time?

These are something that will immediately make me turn a man down:

  1. Dirty fingers, bad teeth, unkempt facial hair, and some other hygiene issues.

  2. Overly baggy clothes

  3. Bad grammar

  4. Any man I DON'T know calling me baby, ma, sweetheart, and the list goes on.

Maybe my standards are too high, but I know what I am attracted to, and how quickly I can become turned off by someone that displays something I just can't tolerate.

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one woman's meat is another woman's poison- to each her own. I dislike any one who cant argue with me

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no, i don't think they are too high, because you would have to live with those characteristics for a long time and people don't usually change.