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social studies homework? help?(: please?

well i have a few questions on the united states ill explain a BIT about what we have to do , so you guys can help me. well the thing is we have to use any map of the united states that shows western expansion. then we have to answer the following questions, please help in anyway possible, and don't criticize and say that you guys are doing my homework for me because Your not ok? anyway here:

  1. which cities were major starting and ending points for wagon trains traveling westward? what patterns in location can you find ? how would these patterns facilitate western expansion?

  2. what details determined which trails settlers would follow?

  3. at what point did the trails convergent? why did they diverge?

  4. what physical features of north america created hazards for settlers moving west? is there a relationship between the relationship over time between movement of people and physical features?

  5. what are the convergent details when east becomes west?

  6. what is the time line for geographical areas acquired to form the united states?

  7. from what countries were the largest and second largest Land acquisitions by the united states made? what ethnics should have been considered in these acquisitions

  8. what percentage did the united states land mass grow from 1776 to 1853?

  9. in your opinion which land acquisitions was most impotent to westward expansion? why?

please help!! and answer correctly(: thanks in advance

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