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I took adderall two weeks ago and it was about 30 mg?

and I might possibly have a drug test on tuesday.

Two of my friends said it will show up. Would it? Or can I drink lots of water and flush out my system?

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it will not show up in virtually any drug screen.

amphetamine stays in your system for 2-5 days, 5 being closer to the amount of time if you were a habitual user (like every day).

Hair tests which can detect drugs upwards of 90 days (actually it can test a lot longer but 90 days is kind of the cut off) is not sensitive enough to pick up a single useage. Not to say its not possible to, just highly unlikely due to the methods of preperation of hair samples and sampling error. another words their is a set threshold that is set a little high to avoid background interference and error readings.

dont worry about drinking lots of water, if its a piss test its been out of your system for some time now.

if its a saliva test or blood test you could have taken it 2 days ago and probably passed.

you will be fine, dont take adderall, if you've seen those Methamphetamine commercials believe me when i say that will be you too if you keep messing with adderall.

Reference: neuropharm M.S. and i use to operate a tandem mass spec HPLC which is a piece of equipment used to analyze these types of samples.

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You will be fine. It does not stay in your system that long.


Reference: Experience.