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IF you were a star in the sky which constellation would you be?
If you work for a colony on the moon what job would you choose?
What is the greatest number of "planets" you can see at one time, with the naked eye?
does any living creatures live on planets other than earth?
Do Aliens Exist???
tornado during snowstorm?
If 2^(1/2)x 12^(1/2) wats ur answer?
Find the function of a graph of a quadratic function?
Where else has weather like the bay area?
Physics??? Calculation, prediction of how far an object will go, with certain presure?
What is inside IR garage door obstruction detectors ?
A particle that moves along a straight line has velocity?
briefly tell me what sputnik was?
Describe the Doppler Effect in details with illustrations.?
DOes anyone know of a website where I can find all the tornadoes that have hit New York State?
Were is a place to find weather experts?
A commonly used ultrasonic wave has a frequency of 1.5 MHz. What is wavelenth in H20 if speed is 1498 m/s?
Areas close to Zip Code 08007 where it is snowing ?
Momentum, energy?
I really really need information on what is a solar eclipse and what is a lunar eclipse!?
Noticing The Moon's Gravitational Affects For The Crew?
4. Can an object round a curve without any force acting on it?
if there was a room at the very centre of the earth, could you walk on the roof and walls?
What does it mean when the weather forecaster says " The NAO Begins To Fade Away" North Atlantic Osculation?
Physics help???
In uncertainity analysiss if we have (A*b)/C how the whole uncertainity calculates?IS it (a*b)/c or no?
I am having a math problem( quadratic functions)Please can someone take a look??
does win affect temperature?
Why? What would happen of there were more than one independent variable?
what is really white besides snow?
is it possible project blue beam will happen?
What happens if your shocked by 400volts but it has a low amperage?
List all possible rational zeros given by the rational zeros Theorem (but don't check to see which actually
Math Help: (x-5)^2=6?
a resistor gets hot?
if you get a beam of light to hit a mirror , and there was a parallel mirror next to it, would the light just?
another acceleration problem?
The body of an automobile has a mass of 750kg. During factory assembly it was noted that the auto body...?
florida hurricanes????
If a square and a circle have the same area would they be considered congruent?
For what values of the constant a does the function y=(a-3)x-(a+5)x^2+a^2 have a minimum point?
How do we divide..?
True or false?The set of integers has the inverse property under multiplication.?
im 13 and interest in meteorology..?
what are the factor of 18, 26, 28, 40, 50, 60, 16, 24, 32, 72, 64, 46.?
Michelson Interferometer?
Find all rational zeros of the polynomial.?
Find a polynomial of the specified degree that has the given zeros.?
Negative temperatures?
plz solve this physics problem..right ans will be given 10pts str8awy!?
Love - Hate relationship.?
Permutations, Combinations, Probability I have the answers but I can't figure out how to get them?
If an aluminum can with hot air (high air pressure) is placed upside down in a pan of water...?
What fraction of the molecules need to be monatomic?
a space heater?
2x/5+3=7 HELP!!!!?
What is SCT and what does it states?
What are drought parts? Example like droughts, soils for cropping?
when a charge moves through a resistor?
Do you look like Einstein?