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Are Finnish people and Turkish people both originated from Huns?

Are people of Finland from Turkic origin? Are similarities between their language and Tukish language? Are these people originated from Huns?

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I thought I was from Dutch origin but have found from DNA tasting that my "tribe" came out of Africa to Turkey and then to Finland. It's funny because I hear all the time that Turks are related to Finns, but some people totally oppose that idea.

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The Hunnic Empire was Turkic. Cause Attila is Turkic himself. Also today Hungarian people accept they are Turkic. All Turkic states having a historical organization in Hungary. Turkey is of course Turkic. Also Finnish people may be considered Turkic but they don't really accept that they are Turkic.(Like Bulgarians) But there is an association in Finland who accept that they are Turkic. So simply, yes they are, but they just don't accept it. Hope I helped. :-)

PS: It really depends on what do you mean by Turkish. Generally, there are many ethnicities in Turkey. For example there are Arabic people who are a Turkish citizen. They are Turkish. People who are coming from the Turkic race are Turkish too but they are also Turkic. I answered it as you mean Turkic people.

Reference: I am Turkic. I know Turkic history since all of my family is Pan-Turkist and Pan-Turanist.