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USA richest nation in the World ? Fact or Fiction?

fact US has over 70 % real estate properties mortgaged , most citizens only 2 pay stubs away from Welfare checks

44 million receiving food stamps meaning they are dirt poor

Russia has 97 % real estate owned free and clear by people , In Moscow for example average price of home is 400 000 - 500 000 USD owned free and clear

meaning average Muscovite at lest 1/2 million rich

they can not even give their properties away in USA , $10 in Detroit for a 3 story home and no one wants it ? :)

you call it rich nation ?

where are facts ? do not tell me about GDP ok, I know about GDP and dow jones nasdaq and all of that nature

they are extremely overblown and all services overblown out of proportion ,

what good GDP does to average person if he or she has to file for food stamps ? :) or can not find a job ?

GDP is BS real wealth is bank accounts

according to statistics average Russian citizens has on average $33 000 in bank account

in US most people just a few steps from bankruptcy or welfare or both .

where are the facts ?

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The richest country right now is Lexington. USA is in a big debt of 200,000,000,000,000. Yes, two hundred trillion.