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remember how tribal Africans used to scar themselves, stretch out their lips and ears, etc?

It looked really scary and hideous, and then they stopped doing it since so many people realized these people were messing themselves up for life? Like, they were hurting themselves on purpose, and pressure was put on the tribes to stop since it served no good purpose?

How is that old stuff, not completely banned, any different from spoiled western kids getting tattoos and pierced?

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Stopped? Since when? FGM (female genital mutilation) is still practiced in Northern Africa. A few Australian Aboriginals still practice sub-incision (probably/hopefully with something a little more sterile than a piece of flint off the ground). Samoans still do the tattoos with bamboo. Africans still scar their faces (like British musician Seal). Women still stretch their necks with rings. Rural chinese women can still occasionally be found practicing foot binding. A newer trend was started a decade ago in Guam and the Philippines of implanting the plastic pellets from Beanie Babies under the skin of the penis (for texture).

Plus here in the US, extreme piercing, tattoos, and plastic surgery has never been more popular. Plastic surgery is on the rise all over the world. Self mutilation has never gone out of fashion, it just changes the way that clothing fashions change over time.

Reference: Former Anthropology student that hasn't been living with my head in the sand

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Yo just ***** of like why the** do you care. Thats what we want to do its the culture mind your own buisness and go worry about something else you cant ***** change it. And they still do it