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Is abnormal pain response associated with psychopathy?

For example, notorious 1930's-era child murderer Albert Fish had a notoriously screwed-up pain response. He could attain great pleasure by torturing himself, and after his execution, the coroner discovered multiple needles that he had inserted into his own genitals during erotic acts.

He also gained great pleasure by driving sharp objects under his fingernails, and drilling into his own teeth until the nerves were raw. To the point where his nails were mostly just nubs.

There are reports of Fish's jailers trying to "punish" him with beatings or abuse by other inmates, but Fish enjoyed this so much that they were forced to isolate him.

Is abnormal pain response sometimes a sign of a more general "mis-wiring" of the brain itself? Pain is a bilateral supraspinal mechanism within the brain, which means that when pain processing is messed up, more than one region and more than one hemisphere of the brain is involved.

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