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Which of these plots should I do for my short story?

For english I have to write a short story that can be about absolutely anything, It has to be pretty amazing as the story will be part of my course work.

I wanted to be as original as possible so I have two plots that are pretty similar:

1) A young woman finds herself on the street under the world trade centre during 9/11, she was in the north tower building on one of the top floors, and has no idea how she got out. She was unconscious for a long time and strangely has no injuries. Months pass and the initial craziness dies down and new york begins to return to normal. Strange things happen to the woman and things begin to unravel and she discovers she did die during 9/11, and is now a ghost.

I have just 800 words to do this story in and this plot could be hard as I would have to be accurate with the historical detail.

(RIP 9/11 victims)

2) It is basically the same as the first but instead of the woman having dies during 9/11, she was hit by a car or something instead.

This would be easier to do, but maybe not as original, emotional and interesting

What do you think? Please help! Any suggestion appreciated! :)

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It could be a good story, but I'm a fan of spooky stories and that plot has been done a LOT, in books, TV and even movies (The Others) Most professional writers tell students and newbies to write about what they know. It might be better for you to write in the first person. Think about an experience that you had or make one up, but put it in a setting that you've seen personally so you can use vivid details. If you have some time ask family/friends if they've ever had weird experiences. I'm sure Gran wouldn't mind if you borrowed her spooky story and put yourself into it.