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Can you help me with these algerbra 2 problems?

Problem 1:

To make cocoa powder, cocoa beans are roasted.The ideal temp. for roasting is 300 deg.( F.) plus or minus 25 deg.(F). Write and solve an equasion describing the maximum and minimum roasting temperatures for cocoa beans.

Problem 2:

Jin is selling advertising space in CENTRAL CITY MAGAZINE to local buisnesses. Jin earns 3% comission for every ad he sels plus a salary of $250 a week. If the avg. amount of money that a buisness spends on a ad is $500, how many ads must he sell each week to make a salary of at least $700 that week?

Write an inequality to describe this situation

Solve the inequality and interperet te solution.

I DO NOT WANT THE ANSWERS, JUST EXPLAIN THE STEPS OF HOW TO DO THEM. IF you want to use an example, please change the numbers so I can learn for myself. : )


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