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does anybody feel lost?

i don't know what happens with me...i feel kinda strange..i can't really describe...i don't know who i am...why am i here and stuff like that...i know you can't get a real answer for questions like that...but if you have experienced something like that when you were a teenager or at any other age how did you get through?

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Mate, most people on sites such as this (which would be thousands) would be feeling lost, I know I sometimes do!

The best bet is to make more friends, find a hobby, play sport-basically distract yourself, because a idle mind can be dangerous!

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i don't know why we are here, if the world has been here since the cavemen or if there were actually humans billions of years before but got wiped out and we are the fresh batch or if we're here for a certain purpose or were possibly put here by alien life. i've also asked questions like that and got no answer, but the only thing you can do is just live life the best you can because you only get one.