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Why do people in relationships have problem asking their partner if it's ok for them to go out?

Just wondering.

I often hear people in relationships say that they shouldn't have to ask their partner if they can go somewhere. I have even heard some people say that they don't have to tell their partner where they are going, because they are not their parents.

I personally don't see the harm in asking my wife if it is ok for me to go somewhere or do something. I feel like since she's my wife, she has a right to know where I am every minute of the day. By always knowing where I am ,it makes her feel better and it doesn't hurt me a bit.

So why are some people on the trip that if they have to ask their partner to go somewhere or let them know where they are at all times, then their partner is treating them like a child. I think that it is very adult and responsible not to have your partner worry about you. To me just running off without communicating your whereabouts or checking to see how your partner feels about where you are going is childish.


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It just a good sign of respect for you to tell your other half where you are going or where you have been. It should not be monitory to do it..communication is every thing but also is trust and both have to be work on. You said it not to have your partner worry about you so one should check in and let them know where you are. It have nothing to do with acting or being treated like a child

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You sound very thoughtful and considerate of your partner. On the other hand, certain women do not feel the need to offer the same consideration to their partners. Feminism reinforces self-indulged behavior, extending consideration to men would be seen as a sign of submission. It's a whole power trip thing.

I wish I had a better opinion of feminists but my experience with them only strengthens my belief they are self-indulged, highly illogical, and hypocrites. Not a group I would want to associate myself or anyone I cared about with.

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in a marriage it is not so much needing to know where each one is all the time, it is a matter of respect for the other spouse

there should be a relationship close enough that asking permission is not an issue, letting them know is a good thing to keep them abreast of what is going on etc

if you are not married, seems to me you don't have any 'holds' on anyone and what you(or they) want to do is their business

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Well I agree that we should check with our partners and keeping them updated about our whereabouts is considerate but when they keep calling while you're trying to enjoy your time out is inconsiderate. I'll call about once an hour and before I leave but any more than that is absurd, I may as well stay home.