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Why do crows fly eastward around sundownn every day? They flock in the hundreds.?

We have a large crow population here in Orange County, CA. Every late afternoon around sundown I see dozens, even hundreds of crows flying inland (east). Where do they go and where do they roost for the night?

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from food to roost in the evening. Noisy eh?

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Crows and other members of the crow family often roost in large colonies.

There wont be enough food for them all right next to where they live, so they disperse during the day. Then, in the evening, they all return home at the same time.

We have a rookery (colony of rooks) at my grandparents. Its in a bank of tall trees set in woodland next to a river.

Look around your neighbourhood for banks of tall trees, sometimes with straggly nests in them, and thats likely to be where the crows go.

Interesting fact- The collective noun for crows is a murder; ie a flock of sheep, a murder of crows.