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Point-slope form help, please? 10 points!?

I know how to do it, but no matter how I work the problem, I get the wrong answer (on the worksheet there are two answers to choose from; a right and wrong answer). Here's #10:

(3,-1) and (-3,5)

This is what I do, but I never get the right answer.

(3,-1) and (-3,5)

5-(-1)/-3-3 = 6/-6 = -1

y-(-1) = -1(x-5)

y-(-1) = -1x+5

-1 -1

y = -1x+4

And that's wrong. Epically wrong! There's no answer choice on the entire worksheet even close to that! Please:

*work the problem out with the correct answer and an explanation.

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ok so point-slope form's formula is (y-y1)=m(x-x1)

so to find m or slope (5--1)/(-3-3)= 6/-6=-1

then just pick one of the points and do (y--1)=-1(x-3)

so (y+1)=-x+3

so y=-x+2