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I cant figure this problem out- im so discouraged! math!?

I understand now, how to do the simple ones(hardly). The ^before a number indicates its to the __ power. ( x^2= x to the second power)

This one:

x^2(x^3+2) = x^5 + 2x^2

So I understand that you multiply x^2 by x^3 and 2.But what do you do when you have three or more things to multiply in the first part.Hereis the problem:

( 3x-1)(4x^2 - 2x- 1)

Do I first look for like terms? Or do I stick with trying to multiply like this - ( I changed eached number to a letter)

(ab- c)(de^2- fg- h)= ad- ae^2- af- ag- ah - bd- be^2- bf-bg-bh

(and so on and so forth)

Basiclly, what I am asking is, do I have to multiply A,B&C each by D,E^2,F,G&H ???? So, no matter how many variables there are in the first part, I just multiply each by problems in the second half??

Also, What do I do if there are variables outside of the parenthesis? Multiply these the same? And how do I know whether to put a multiplication/add/subtract sig between each part. I know you would put subtractions signs in some areas on this problem, but once you have finished multiplying A by everything on the other side, do you put a mult. symbol between that and the B`s that you multiply next?

sorry. please, if someone could explain, i would be so greatful

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( 3x-1)(4x^2 - 2x- 1)

You do the problem like this

3x(4x^2 -2x -1) -1(4x^2 -2x -1)

12x^3 -6x^2-3x -4x^2 +2x +1

now add like terms

12x^3 -10x^2 -x +1

this is very simple know? There is no confusion at all.