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According to National Geographic, cultivating the soil, raising crops, and raising livestock are all part of agriculture. It also includes preparing and distributing plant and animal products for human consumption.


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What are the roles of agribusiness in modern agricultural sector?
Which is more flammable organic or inorganic?
How Much Can A Tornado Lift?
Is using fertilizer from the Co-Op or Farm Center considered organic gardening?
How old is Waleed now if his age after 30 years is two and a half times his age right now? 15 years 20 years 1?
If I become a dairy farmer can I actually live comfortably?
How has human population growth changed since the agricultural revolution?
How is Agricultural Residue obtained? And where do we get it?
Mid u left sail on 2cnd of July and the sailing trip took 24 hours, how can I get back on the 4th?
Is Calcium chloride a dihydrate or hexahydrate?
I need an important issue on agriculture?
how to find commercial fisheries in other states?
A student brought some packets of biscuits for rs.120 .If the biscuits had been Rs.3 a packet cheaper,he would?
how many dairy farms are there in the U.S. currently?
Need something to hold bulk feed? Cheap?
How Can I Get My Pigs To Gain More Weight?
List and explain the various problems of agriculture in westafrica?
why is rhizomatous johnsongrass more difficult ot control than seedling johnsongrass? what cultural practices?
why isn't human milk being marketed?
what are the problems with fish farming?
why don't poor farmers like GM Crops?
What is the value of a old obsidian knife?
Which of the following is a trend in U.S. farming today?
The occurance of the Cyclopic sheep?
What is meant by "heavy land"?
Agricultural Tools and Technoligies?
what are the disadvantages of mixed farming?
Are all houseflies parasitoids?
What is animal agriculture?
is an organic solvent drugs?
Organic ph adjustments?
How has Camel farming improved Kenya's agriculture?
How does MasterLine affect the soil quality?
Root worm resistant and wind resistant open pollinated corn varieties. Does this exist and what company?
What is better. Organic or In-organic?
How does corn biodegrade?
Do dairy cows constantly have milk in their udders?
Impact of water pollution on agricultural productivity?
Lucerne question (20 characters!)?
i need help with my agriscience fair project!?
Why is dairy farming important?
Do YOU support labeling of GMO foods?
Please Help! Question about agriculture and the production of crops?
what crazy stuff should i do in the summer?
Are Agriculture and Agronomy same terms?
Find the probability of drawing the given cards from a standard 52 card deck without replacing?
25. How could the pet store owner breed a litter of only white mice?
What is 5 1/3 - 2 2/3 =?
How have humans affected the environment with farming activities? What will happen to farms after humans are?
What is globalisation?
A 30lb bag of fertilizer will cover an area of 2500ft. How manyu pounds of fertilizer are needed to cover and?
What is 872 divided by 5?
Which region/country in the world depends largely on agriculture for their livelihood?
What are some Zambian Farming Hand tools.?
Are livestock markets open to the public?
Our economic systems promote unsustainable forms of industrialized agriculture because...?
do u know??.....................plz..........10 points.......easy ques?
what does animal-assisted agriculture mean?
Fertilizer fertilizer fertilizer fertilizer?
Is there any company, that produces leather goods from biological farming?