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how does astronaut sleep?
could velcro be used in space such as on floor and shoes of astronauts?
if space is a vacume what are astronauts floating in and what is the sun pushing down on to force gravity?
If an astronaut has a GPS unit with him, what kind of reading does he get with it?
If u r lucky enough 2 meet american astronaut Ms.sunita williams, then wat all u gonna ask?
Two astronauts are playing catch with a ball in space. The first astronaut throws the ball; and?
how do astronaut's use the bathroom in the space shuttle?
Mass of an astronaut on mars in an elevator with an acceleration of zero?!?
Is the flag that the astronauts planted still on the moon?
If you were a scientist or an astronaut at NASA, how much would you get paid?
If athletes get athlete's foot, do astronauts get mistletoe?
astronaut too far fetched?
What state has produced the most astronauts?
Why can't we provide gravity to the astronauts in the int'l spacestation?
1. Suppose that the mass of a spacecraft is 11,000 kg and the mass of an astronaut is 92 kg. In addition,?
the space study made by the astronaut sunita williams?
An astronaut performed a free fall experiment on a certain planet X. He obtained the ff. data:?
An astronaut on the moon throws a wrench straight up at 4.0m/s. Three seconds later it falls downwards at a ve?
Physics question - displacement of astronauts vs. NASA team?
When astronauts brought back rock samples from the Moon,?
How much do the 7 astronauts on the current Discovery mission get paid?
Can anyone help me add more details about... two astronauts traveling to the future.?
Anyone have any idea how high of an IQ astronaut Story Musgrave has??
An astronaut's weight is 600 newtons when she is on the surface of Earth. What will her weight be when she is?
can anyone pls let me know the list of Astronauts who visited space till today?
Physics: An astronaut on the moon rolls a ping pong ball of radius 2cm down a plane inclined ... ?
PHYSICS HELP An 85.2 kg astronaut is working on the engines of a spaceship that is drifting through space with?
Where do the astronaut and the capsule meet from the capsule original position?
A baseball is tossed upward by an astronaut on the moon w/no atmosphere. How does the rate of PE change compare to the rate of KE change?
An astronaut's pack weighs 18.5N when she is on earth but only 1.67N when she is at the surface of an asteroid?
Which direction will an astronaut float when he/she is located in the outer space?
A 43.6 kg astronaut is on a space walk when the tether line to the shuttle breaks. The astronaut is able to throw a...?
An astronaut is propelling himself through the vacuum of space with a fire extinguisher?
Two astronauts, one of mass 60 kg and the other 74 kg, are initially at rest in outer space. They then push ea?
For their trip to the Moon, the Apollo astronauts’ living quarters were only 213 cubic feet How many dollar bills could fit in there?
An astronaut who is repairing the outside of her spaceship accidently pushes away a 91.7-cm-long steel rod,?
An astronaut drops a feather from 1.9 m above the surface of the moon. If the acceleration of gravity on the moon is 1.65 m/s 2?
An astronaut weighs 700 N on earth. what is the best approximation of his new weight on a plant with?
An astronaut drops a feather from 1.9 m above the surface of the moon. If the acceleration of gravity on the moon is 1.65 m/s 2?
What is the astronaut's tangential acceleration during the first 40.0 s ? Best answer will be awarded.?
(10 points)Why is it dangerous to be an astronaut?
What is the force of gravity between the Earth and an astronaut (with mass 100 kg) in the Space Shuttle orbiti?
An astronaut's pack weighs 15.1N when she is on earth,?
An astronaut drops a marble on the surface of Mars and observes that it takes 1.02s for the marble to fall 2m.?
What college classes do I have to take to become on astronomer or astronaut?
An astronaut uses an air gun to move about in space. If the astronaut's mass is 100 kg and he releases 1 g....?
An astronaut who weighs 607.5 N on the surface of the earth lifts off from planet Zuton in a space ship.?
Would an astronaut falling into a black hole see the surrounding universe red-shifted or blue-shifted? Explain?
What is the acceleration in the y direction of the astronaut formula; how is it derived?
1) an astronaut at rest in space fires a thruster pistol...?
At a time when mining asteroids has become feasible, astronauts have connected a line between their 3680-kg sp?
Astronauts have connected a line between their 3340 kg space tug and a 6000 kg asteroid. ?
A stationary 100 kg astronaut throws a 25 kg oxygen tank away from himself. If the tank travels 5 m/s in the p?
Suppose you are an astronaut and you have been stationed on a distant planet.?
A 60kg astronaut floating in free space throws a 60kg supeball towards the massive shuttle 2m away at 2m/s.?
An astronaut hits a golf ball on the moon?
What is the mass of an astronaut who oscillates with a period of 2.16 s when sitting in the chair?
how can an astronaut use the conservative law of momentum to get to his ship?
Anybody know the title of a 45 that was and interview with an astronaut and the answers were all song titles?
If a 100-kg astronaut is in space (i.e., no external forces acting on him) carrying a 20-kg piece of equipment?