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Biology is the science of life and living processes. This field examines the physicochemical aspects of living things (Encyclopedia Britannica, 25 Nov. 2019).


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how can you tell that mitochondria are making energy?
I have a biology question?
What is the science behind hatching chicks?
SCIENCE HMWRK! URGENT! PLEASE HELP!?!?! probably easy =) !?
Why does the lagging strand have to be replicated discontinuously during DNA replication?
compare and contrast facilitated diffusion and simple diffusion?
Biology question about spiders?
What effect does Benadryl have on plant growth?
Question about DNA structure?
Elodea cell?
what causes homosexuality? (smart people only please)?
my head is going to explode from bio, i need helppp?
Why does yeast ferment better at higher temperatures and worse at lower temperatures?
Strange hypothetical genetics question?
bio majors...?
Muscle fatigue is a result of? ?
By what process do large molecules enter or leave a cell?
How does a transmembrane protein get into the plasma membrane?
melting points... urea and cinnamic acid?
Why do some Bacillus species have body inclusions while others do not?
Can anyone answer any of these bio questions?
Does natural selection act on the individual, the population or the species?
Chromosomes and Chromatids?
Is An Egg A Undeveloped Chick?
Describe the type of medium you might make to selectively grow a bacterium that lives in the human stomach?
___ are most familiar as waxes, fats, and oils?
What is the function of a neurofilament in relation to a neuron?
what is the pressure of oxygen (in torr) in a cell incubator at 21%O2 5%CO2?
the advantages and disadvantages of glycolysis?
How can living organism affect people lives?
photosynthesis biology help?
do all microorganisms use pyruvic acid in the same way?
How many chromosomes would be present?
4 things an organism must have to be alive?
Biology Questions on Compound Light Microscope?
How many ATP will be generated if palmitic acid is used in the synthesis of Acetyl coA using Beta oxidation?
What metabolic process is common to both aerobic cellular respiration and alcoholic fermentation?
why is surface area/volume so important to cells?
Biology! uggg help me plz: if you created a new plant in the desert, hw wld u balance its need for CO2??..?
where is the heart located in the human body?
What factors limit population size? Be specific.?
I have a presentation on Trichomonas Fetus and my professor wants to know its usefulness and or importance to?
why is the darwin theory wrong?
what is a heterozygous and a homozygous?
A question about Cell Surface Hydrophobicity?
Car part compared to chloroplasts.....?
Biology Question on glycogen?
Im suppose to write an essay in Biology but i dont understand the topic, Can you explain it to me?
What are histones and how do they relate to the DNA molecule?
Addition of a new organism to an ecosystem?
Why in biology, the hydrogen and ionic bonds are considered weak in enzyme active site?
Why do we need salt in our diet?/ and Why is a high amount of salt dangerous?
evolution or revolution?
neutrons, electrons, and protons... help? FAST! =]?
Anatomy question?
In which colors do ladybugs exist?
which of the following occurs during mitosis?
What are the indicators used to test for biomolecules ......?
Biology Question.?