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Botany is the study of plants, including their structure, properties, and biochemical processes. Besides plant classification, plant diseases and interactions with the environment are also studied (Encyclopedia Britannica, 22 Aug. 2021).


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Biology! uggg help me plz: if you created a new plant in the desert, hw wld u balance its need for CO2??..?
whgich of the following fruits is the best?
are douglas fir needles poinsonous?
How long will THC stay in my system?
does feedback inhibiiton take place late in a pathway?
Root, stem, leaves, seed, flower/bud, or overy?
Growth Bacteria in Lab?
Effects of a Plasma membrane?
Car part compared to chloroplasts.....?
My sunflower is under fire!?
Addition of a new organism to an ecosystem?
Why is it important to communicate the results of an experiment.What are different types of scientific models
With a mushroom kit, how likely is it that I can grow Morels in the Northeast?
cool experiments about science?
Name a flower you like which might have medicinal properties?
Can music affect a plant's growth and how?
what are the two stages of photosynthesis and what are the starting modecules and ending molecules of each?
Question about Wood borers?
What kind of microscope is used to view knife edges?
What kind of cannabis does hemp come from?
Why does rhizoid one celled in liverworts but multicellular in mosses?
We have a "weed" growing that is 6-9in wide at the base grown so far up it went into the branches of one tree ?
How do prophase and telophase differ?
Which principal best describes why holes develop in snow around tree trunks?
science question please?
Why do more mutations occur in transcription than in replication?
how to grow NIgella sativa?
Why may people use cotton wool to help with the growth of plants?
why doesn't food coloring mix with vegetable oil?
How is an apple falling from a tree like potential difference in battery?
what plants are unique to Greenland?
Why are (most) plants green?
Why are stomata are found mainly on the lower epidermis of a plant leaf?
What are the fundamental differences between plant and animal cells in relation to DNA extraction?
Do sunflowers smell bad after a week?
Mendel question about pea plant?
List of trees that grow nuts, And another for berries, help please!?
What is the difference between coniferous tress and deciduous trees?
Hi I Need Help I Need to Know a name of a tree! ?
what kind of scientist are studying the wolves in the banff national park?
oxidation number of c3h5?
Which of the following is a true statement about plants?
whats science?? and what sciece is not??
is sweet potato a monosaccharide or polysaccharide?
what is piranic acid?
Names of Hermaphroditic Plants?
What common house/garden plant(s) can be rooted but not propagated by using a single leaf from the host plant?
What kind of leaf is this?
Pleaseeeee help me think a spider bit me?
NEED HELP with physiology PLEASE?
what types of plant produces wood and what cell structure is wood?
how does the more mass of germinated beans affect the pH of water in a test tube?
what is a good analogy for a vacuole?
Is the liquid from premature opiate plant seeds addictive by itself?
What is a red flower, vine thingy that grows on/in trees in haiti? It has white in it aswell. Thanks!?
indian name for aquifer herbal root?
who did the research about Oranges' Healing Phytonutrients ?
 is Photosynthesis in plant is endothermic reaction?
what adaptations do large cacti seem to have for life on islands such as galapagos?
What is an ecosystem?