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In chemistry, we study the properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds, how they can change, when they do, what energy is released or absorbed (Encyclopedia Britannica, 20 Dec. 2021).


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describe three ways in which energy and matter are related?
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BOND ORDER: Cl2^(2-), Cl2^(-), Cl2, Cl2^(+), Cl2^(2+).?
how does nail polish remover work?
can anybody tell me about the destribution of a solute between 2 immisicible solvents and the disribution coef
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calculate the speed of light in km/hr if it is 3.0 * 10^8 m/s?
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Calculate the heat change in calories for condensation of 14.0 g of steam at 100∘C.?
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K. I need a answer really quick "When a radioactive element decays it releases?
Electron Configurations?
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How are people able to walk on coals without severely burning their feet?
whats the nobel gas shortcut for palladium 10 points?
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explain why there are only two elements in the first row of the periodic table and 8 elements in the second ?
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Explain the patterns and trends of physical properties of groups 1 and 7 in the periodic table?
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