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Earth Sciences & Geology

Earth sciences deal with the solid Earth, its waters, and the air which surrounds it. The geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric sciences are included (Encyclopedia Britannica, 30 Apr. 2021).


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Biodiversity/Deciduous Forest/Human Health Value...info?
What type of metals are these?
In New York State, where is the sun at noon? high in the southern sky or very low in the southern sky?
How do igneous rocks move through the rock cycle?
Why is the sky blue ?
what is the nature of green house gases?
Any info on the discovery of copper?
number of lakes present on earth?
Salt's World History?
White Pumice Crystals?
What happens when our ozone layer gets destroyed?
Hydroelectricity in U.S.?
Would you expect the water in polar regions to have a high salinity? Why or why not?
are mass and weight the same ?
What types of metals do marble contain?
Intrusive or Extrusive?
Why are Antarctica's minerals close to the coast?
if ice bergs been flooting in the ocean for the last 10,000 years. why holler now?
how do the total number of hours of sunlight in a year compare for tropical regions and polar regions on earth
There hasn't been a large volcanic eruption in awhile...where's the next Krakatoa or Vesuvius going to be?
What can be done to do a better job of protecting the Earth?
what is a plate??????????????
what are the characteristics of a unicellular organisms?
Anyone wanna help me with a few Energy Transfer Questions? Part 2?
i need help in science?
Help me with physical science?
Why do some sources of health information contradict each other?
Why is the eruption of mount vesuvius so important for people studying the Roman world today?
How is the Second Law of Thermodynamics related to energy quality and energy efficiency?
Please Help Me in Anatomy!?
how could you prove that the copper was not destroyed in the copper cycle?
Dunham or Folk carbonate classification?
What are some special/strange/ interseting properties of nickel?
How do volcanoes impact habitat?
What are the causes of droughts?
can a flood current move a house?
for science: what measures exactly 43mL of water?
any water theory websites of how water was made?
what happens to a balloon when it reaches the sea floor?
how much would a prehistoric weapon cost?
A substance has a mass of 8.2 grams. By using the water displacement method the volume was found to be 3.6 cub?
Of the most common minerals found in granite which would be most suitable for K-40 dating?
Water quality: Lake vs. River?
How many people can fit in our atmosphere?
how did the ocean get its name?
Why we can not DRINK the OCEAN's water or SEA's water?
what kind of rocks are formed in layers?
How do science technicians transfer and dispose of materials?
Plate tectonics--- what causes the plates to move?
do u know why.....................plez explain in simple form?
Why do most earthquakes occur at tectonic plate boundaries???
If a mixture causes light to scatter, what type of mixture is this most likely to be?
are we made of water?
why is it very difficult to precisely determine the age of a particular fossil in a sedimentary rock?
Are the dinosaurs ichthyosaurs itchy?
How do you visualize the world in the year 2050?
Please I need help with my homework. Fossils/Rock?
How is the earths crust harmful to us?