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Engineering is the application of science to the optimal conversion of natural resources to human needs (Encyclopedia Britannica, 25 Mar. 2021).


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Autocad ploting 3D drawings?
kindly narrate ethics in quantity surveying?
I do not know how to solve this. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction?
what combination of resistors would provide the smaller uncertainty in an equivalent 1000 ohm resistance?
Does anyone know where I can find some strong rockets or jets?
how to invent?????
convert 3.00x 10 to the eighth power m/s into miles per hour?
Engineers....How long did it/has it/will it take you to graduate?
What useful things do a water-wheel do?
What are the dimensions of a 45 RPM record adapter?
z transform question?
tips on how to make a capacitor bank that would produce different ranges of capacitance by just turning a knob
Can the Haber process be modified to be efficient using electricity?
how can one make a windmill out of their small engines
Does anyone know who created the pythagorean theorum?
How's the idea of building moving (rolling) roads? Does it provide solution to traffic and pollution issues.
for my engineering project, i have selected nuclear propulsion of an oil tanker. can anybody help me ?
What is the difference between Bulk Density & Specific Gravity in Polymers?
What is the strongest metal or alloy?
Any 15 year old females that want to be an engineer?
how does a transaxel work???
Can cantilever, e.g.,3mmx2000mmx20mm stainless steel with one end fixed to a vibrator, breaks bcoz fatigue?
is there any bridge contest in Central Florida or Florida?
Anyone have any knowledge about propane vaporise rs . I have customer with problems.
problem in electronic transistors amps?
what did the romans use to patch the aqueducts?
Electrical engineers: Remote control/automation question?
explaination about different types of electronic capacitors.?
I have Autodesk Inventor 11 how do i convert a part to G-code?
what is the manufacturing process involve in making a desktop and its tower?
How much does an architect charge for the design of a house plan?
what is the use of the autotransformer???
What is the equipment to use if I want to find if there are any tunnels or cavities underground?
Do power stations operate like batteries?
What is the material used for the Rushton Turbine Impeller Blades?
Need answers regarding "bright dip" process used to clean Aluminum?
Does anyone have the funding to help my inventions?
Accurate definition of flow.?
Rotating Mirror??
Answer my Telecommunication Topics?
who invented order of operations(PEMDAS)?
things that use electricity?
why do u have to pull a lever down, to switch the main switch off, while u pull it down to put other swtchs on
Question No. 10: When transmitter power is doubled the signal to noise ratio gets doubled, thus making signal?
Where is the Tashi Station?
electricity used in USA do we use AC or DC?
How can I built a parachute for my egg drop? Its due in a few days, need answers quick.?
assume that mount fiji in japan in the shape of a right circular cone?
how smart are you answer this??
how to i calculate how much younger somebody is????????????
What is the proper wire map for a calibration cable for a fluke dsp-100 LAN cablemeter?
2 water Pipes fill a tank in 8.40hrs.small pipe take 2.5 hrs longer than big pipe. how Long does big pipe take
is it possible to change a natural gas wall heater to LP and if possible how would i go about it?
What are the greatest things that Artificial Neural Networks can do?
what is an alloy i dont know :(?
How does two double coils sound compared to two single coils and a double?
Battery Life Silicon Diode Voltage drop?
Can you apply temepring of steel to large objects the same as you can to small objects?
when will they invent the supersonic freeze (the opposite of a microwave)?