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On a resume, what is a strong way to say that you can write and read english?
I am writing a novel in English, but one of my characters speaks Spanish, how do I punctuate?
English songs in German?
Proofread my English composition to me?
Is "Edison" a boy's name in English?
Looking for someone who could translate an Audio file from Chaldean to English. Are there services like this?
Which is the correct English sentence?
what does this german phrase mean in english?
what does "nofiquese personalmente y complace" mean in English?
Who writes the english songs for L'arc~en~ciel?
what does english sound like to those who don't speak it?
can you help me with this sentence in english?
Those who speak English, can you help?
What does the following mean translated into english: いろんなおしごとあるんだな。(ironna oshigoto arundana.)?
Help in American English please: which one is correct and commonly used in American English? mark down or off?
Can you check my english to french translation without using an online translator?
Can you translate this from Spanish to English?
English to Spanish translation please?
Those who speak English, can you help?
What is the English translation of the Japanese word "wabi?"?
Quick question. english?
Which one is correct? Please answer. English grammar!?
bisaya to english translation?
Teaching in English in China and Taiwan...what's it like?
Why is Old English hardly similar to Modern English? I can't even recognize it?
Native English speakers, is this sentence correct:?
Native English speakers,is this sentence correct?
Looking for tips to improve listening skills for english. Thanks?
What common English word is 9 letters long and remains an English word each time you remove a letter?
English speakers please?
How to say "She's afraid of the dark." in your mother tongue (not English)?
Please help me with my English work!!! (10 points)?
Please translate this for me to English.?
Native English Speaker's help needed! ?
threre are 4 longest words in english that can be read back word getting another words. Like live=evil,?
Monchy y Alexandra Spanish to English Translation?
would anyone translate this from latin to English?
I need to improve my english conversation skills, any suggestions? free websites?? language partners?
What English tenses are these:-?
Are you good at English and grammar? I have a question...?
Can you see the English (British) in me?
Where/How can I learn an english accent?
Sooooo, what would my korean name be in english?
What does English sound like to people who've never spoken it before?
Is there a necessity of making English official language in the United State?why?
English Help!!!!!!!!!!! 5 points?
How would you say this in English ?
i have a question in english??
What does this say in English?
how many common English words can you make from the letters LGNEA?
What is the best spoonerism of all in english.?
Please translate the following from Spanish to English? Thanks in advance.?
Need to know the vietnamese translation to english of this word?
What that called in English, and psychology.?
What do these french words mean in english?
What is the proper term in English for calling a person has many talents?
in proper english, is the pronoun for a pet female or male?
translation french to english ?????
Please Translate this short text from arabic to english!!?
PLEASE crrect my English problems~~~Thanks!!?